Grant Writing

Finding appropriate grants, writing winning proposals

Successful pursuit of grants results from the confluence of a sharp focus on responding to winnable grant opportunities with the submission of a compliant, resonant grant proposal.  Dr. Freeborne works with health centers to thoroughly understand their business and clinical practice objectives, assess which public and private grants are a strong fit with the center’s existing skill set and aspirational goals and then helps the center author and submit concise, responsive winning proposals.

How I Help You Successfully Pursue Grants

Seeking out grants that benefit CHCs is a relatively easy task. However, taking the time to gather the material to submit for a grant, review health center data and assemble everything needed for creating a winning submission is a difficult endeavor. Since running a clinic consumes every working hour, grant writing is always relegated to nights and weekends. When I served as the Director of Operations for a community health center it was my responsibility to find the time to oversee the writing and submission of HRSA, foundation and other funding source grant proposals.  Now as a consultant I am able to focus my full attention on helping centers craft complete, resonant and timely grant submissions.

I help community healthcare centers research appropriate state, regional, federal and private grant-awarding organizations/agencies to identify potential funding sources and assess the most effective use of your scarce resources to pursue winnable grants. I’ve successfully pursued dozens of grants, some as large as many $M in size, and know the importance of selecting targets with care as some grants, even though small, may help get your health center’s name out in the community. I employ a proven, structured and transparent process for evaluating grant submission requirements, gathering the required information and preparing a thorough, winning response. I meet all deadlines and ensure each grant proposal is completed several days before its submission deadline.

“My Senior Clinical Advisor was very impressed in the work you did with the grantee. I hope that results in more site visit for you.  Safe Travels”


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