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Dr. Freeborne is undeniably conscientious, disciplined, altruistic, meticulous, and relatable.

I like people to do their best — use what they have to make their best lives. If they are not fortunate to have some opportunities, I feel that society has a responsibility to help even the playing field.

A relentless drive to rapidly improve systems through swift analysis and team mobilization.

Dr. Freeborne will stand up for the vulnerable even when it is not popular.

Moves quickly to develop reporting deliverables and identify potential troubleshooting actions. She was typically thinking three or four steps ahead of the group and had a solid sense of our team’s direction.

Her ability to strategically think ahead

Dr. Freeborne’s strengths in execution and command are perfectly balanced by integrity and desire for developing good relationships.

intentionally pursues the “win-win” in all relationships and holds herself to an incredibly high standard by continuously
improving herself.

Whether interacting with first generation university students, higher education
administrators, or healthcare executives, Dr. Freeborne holds a unique ability to adapt to any audience
and generate an authentic, meaningful connection. She truly wishes to support communities and uplift
all who are involved.

She is viewed as a trusted expert and advisor. She is highly regarded as wise counsel who can be reliably consulted with for academic, personal, or professional inquiries. She was frequently
nominated as one of the top 10 advisors every year at George Mason University.

Third, learners who encounter her cultivate skills and knowledge they will rely upon for a lifetime. She does not stoically
lecture behind a podium: she motivates others to take action and skillfully provides the perfect structure
to facilitate learning. Hundreds of public health professionals have conducted impressive community
outreach efforts, developed community based health education programs, and executed social justice
initiatives under her watchful eye.

Commitment to Service