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Which Healthcare Career Path is Best for You?

Healthcare careers can be enormously rewarding and getting started toward an achievable goal is essential. Degree choices can be confusing and admissions processes intimidating. Dr. Freeborne will help you identify your strengths and find a healthcare career aligned with your passions.

Helping You Gain Admission to a School/ Degree Program Where You Can Excel 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects continuing growth in demand for health care professionals over the next ten years with the demand for Physician Assistants growing 27% in that time frame. Dr, Freeborne has helped hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students find their “best fit” school and professional degree program and then helped them navigate complex admissions processes. Dr. Freeborne helps students hone their resume, craft persuasive essays, and thoroughly prepare for the pressure and scrutiny of personal interviews.


Acceptance into PA School

So proud of my student’s achievements

(Nancy’s) knowledge about the application process, the crafting and fine tuning of his many required responses, and guidance through the interviews were invaluable to helping our son get accepted to medical school. Nancy was a great coach and mentor to not only our son but to us as well and we highly recommend her services.

Parent of Med School student

Nancy was extremely helpful in advising me about the PA school application process.
She provided guidance on my personal essay that allowed me to incorporate my healthcare experience and passion for the PA profession. Nancy thoroughly explained the PA school interview process which made me feel more prepared when I attended interviews. I was admitted to PA school in my first application cycle!
I know I made the right choice to pursue a career as a PA!
PA Student

Nancy has been a mentor to me for a long time and she helped me find my way to a career path that I am passionate about.  Her knowledge of the application process for post-bac nursing programs helped me to strengthen every aspect of my application and make it the best it could possibly be.

Graduate Nursing Student

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