Insights and Actions for Health Care Success

Nancy Freeborne-Brinton

Doctor of Public Health, George Washington University

As a practicing Physician Assistant, public health educator and administrator, FQHC Director of Operations and clinical consultant I’ve learned that community health care centers deliver the best outcomes when

  • appropriate resources are identified and utilized;
  • effective policies and procedures are defined and put into practice; and
  • all stakeholders – patients, clinicians, staff and leadership – feel empowered.

With Freeborne Health Advising I can leverage my experience as a community health center executive, a practicing clinician, a HRSA OSV consultant, and a public health educator and thought leader to positively impact a wide range of centers and clinics throughout the US. I can help prepare your community health center to be in full compliance for an HRSA operational site visit, pursue grants that extend your center’s reach and hone your center’s policies, procedures and practices to achieve consistently superior outcomes.

Our Health Advising Services

A successful executive, administrator and clinician, Dr. Freeborne provides centers/clinics practical, cost-effective ways to improve performance

HRSA Pre-OSV Preparation

Comprehensive support to prepare for HRSA Operational Site Visit success, from honing a center’s governance strategies to achieving more effective clinical outcomes

Effective Grant Writing

Finding appropriate grants, writing winning proposals

Tailored Healthcare Advising Services

From governance strategy to detailed clinical policies and procedures, expert healthcare advising services to improve center/clinic performance

Healthcare Career Advising

Are you considering a career in healthcare? Do you know which schools and degrees are the best fit for you? Let Dr. Freeborne help you discern your strengths, assess your options and navigate the admissions process

Read Dr. Freeborne’s views on issues that affect FQHCs and the public health community

NPR’s Morning Edition Informative Segment on FQHCs

On Wednesday March 6, 2024, National Public Radio's Morning Edition broadcast a powerful, informative story describing the essential healthcare services delivered through the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) program and profiling the positive impacts one...

Paying for Social Support Boost Physical and Mental Health

Paying for Social Support Boost Physical and Mental Health

Seniors with more social connections tend to thrive. So when Nancy Freeborne, PA-C, MPH, DrPH, saw her father, Bill, experiencing health issues, she found it comforting that EmpowerMe’s on-site therapists were there “to make him the best he can be.” In fact, Bill’s therapy team (including Marianne Del Rosario, COTA/L, pictured here with Bill) helped inspire this recent article Dr. Freeborne wrote for Psychology Today!

Your Brain Is Changed by Social Isolation

Your Brain Is Changed by Social Isolation

Teens and seniors can be hit hard by seclusion, which may change the brain. We humans are wired to be social, and many of us had difficulties during the lockdowns and seclusion of the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Loneliness, malaise, and feelings of isolation were...

Better Pregnancy Outcomes for African Americans

Better Pregnancy Outcomes for African Americans

For the last decade, there has been attention to the troublesome fact that African American women have more problematic pregnancies than do white women. And, while in the U.S. pregnancy outcomes are generally poorer than outcomes in other developed countries, African...

“This is the finest report I have read to date. Excellent work Nancy.”

I really enjoyed having you here and especially the opportunity to rethink some of our processes. We are eager to hit the ground running and are grateful for your time and the energy and wisdom you generated.


“Your expertise has provided us with a wealth of information and an opportunity to improve service delivery through our QI program.”

“I cannot thank Dr. Freeborne enough for her support, reassurance, time, patience, and commitment to my success and growth.  Her dedication and sincerity truly make her one of a kind, I highly recommend her advising services!”

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